I am 100% dedicated to helping you with whatever it is that you need in relation to your fingernails

Justine Olausen - Professional Nail Expert

I have been working in the nail industry now for over 25 years. My passion is to help others by sharing my knowledge and my experiences along with some great products to promote healthier natural nails.

Let Me Help You WithYour Nails

foot care blu butterfly nail tips

Nail Problems

Embarrassed to show your nails? Sometimes nail health problems can be early signs of other health issues, injuries or simply a lack good nail care.

foot care blu butterfly nail tips

Nail Care

A regular nail care routine is crucial for healthy nails, here you will find some simple tips and products to promote healthier natural nails of your own.​

foot care blu butterfly nail tips

Foot Care

Taking care of your feet on a regular basis can prevent some pretty nasty foot problems in the future.  Healthier feet means a happier you.

About Justine

I wanted to share my knowledge and experience over the past 25 years working in the nail industry with you and I felt this was the best way to achieve that. Being passionate about helping others has given me the confidence to share some great information and products with you here at Blu Butterfly Nail Tips.

When I first started using it I didn't think it was doing much, BUT Justine told me to keep it up and so glad I did because now my nails are fantastic. They are so hard, don't break and I am constantly filing them using a (glass nail file) as they grow so well. I always had french acrylics, now I have lovely natural nails that are as good as french tips. I tell my friends about this product, how great it is, I only hope they take my advise and try it.​

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