My Family & My Passions

This is my beautiful family, we live on Norfolk Island, the most beautiful place in the world!!

First of all I want to welcome you to Blu Butterfly Nail Tips and introduce myself.  My name is Justine and my goals for this website are to help you  achieve healthy natural nails as well as do my best to assist you with other types of nail concerns. 

I wanted to share my knowledge and experience over the past 25 years working in the nail industry with you and I felt this was the best way to achieve that.  Being passionate about helping others has given me the confidence to share some great information and products with you here at Blu Butterfly Nail Tips.

I am very passionate about what I do and my customers needs, there is nothing more satisfying to me than the smile from my customers when I have finished manicuring their nails, it has and still is very rewarding.

Year 2000 Was The Year I Realized

This was a huge year for me, it was a year filled with personal growth and some pretty big realizations.  Which is how Blu Butterfly Nail Tips came about.

A butterfly to me represents transformation and personal growth, a little bit on the querky side LOL, but I love it!!  

Me posing for you all at my nail desk...

How I Am Going To Help You!

I will provide you with some great tips for healthy nail growth as well as recommend some of the best products that I have used that really work and give great results.  I am 100% dedicated to helping you with whatever it is that you need in relation to your fingernails.

In regards to nail disease I will do my best to recommend products I know of or used but keep in mind for those types of nail conditions, these are indications that other things may be going on in your body which I feel is a medical issue.

I hope you enjoy what I have put together so far and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  

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