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Unfortunately nail fungus can be quite stubborn, it feeds off dark and moist areas and once it has settled in, it can be a bloomin nightmare to get rid of, toenail fungus being the worst.   As you will see above I have shared Tiffany's results and thoughts on using Fungus Stop.  This is just one positive testimonial among many which is why I believe it to be the best nail fungus treatment available.

.Let's do a quick over view of 'Fungus Stop' and why people are getting such great results from using it.

Using #1 Best Nail Fungus Treatment To Put An End To Fungal Infections

Zane Hellas Fungus Stop has been clinically tested and proven to kill nail fungus over a period of four weeks.

It's high anti-fungal properties have been used in ancient times to kill nail fungus that resides in and underneath your nails.

100% Naturally formulated with Carvacrol, which has been extracted from the oregano plant as well as laced with Vitamin C and E to nurture your nail as well as the surrounding skin.

Review Summary

Best Seller

Product Name:

Zane Hellas Fungus Stop

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Nail Fungus Treatment




100 % Natural highly effective nail fungus treatment that will kill nail fungus fast!!

Important Usage Tips You Should Be Aware Of Before You Begin Treatment

  •  Apply 'Zane Hellas' Fungus Stop once a day, on and underneath the effected nails daily for the next 4 weeks.
  •  Keep in mind that you should let 'Fungus Stop' absorb into your nails for at least 5 minutes before putting your hands in water.  5 - 7 minutes is perfect!!
  • Make sure you take a photo before you begin, so you can see the difference after 4 weeks.
  • If after 4 weeks you have been unsuccessful with this treatment, I would then consult your doctor.
Things To Be Aware Of When Using Your Treatment
  • Do not use if your are pregnant or breastfeeding!!!
  • Do not apply to open wounds!!
  • ​​Remember if you need to shower to apply your treatment after showering not before..
  • Some people experience a slight warmish sensation after application, don't panic because this is completely normal.
  • If you have allergies to Mint, Basil, Thyme or Sage you should not use this product before consulting a medical professor.
  • Fungus Stop does not need to be refrigerated after opened.  Best place to store is in dry cupboard after use.

My Expert Opinion Of Fungus Stop

Although I have never had a nail fungus infection myself, I have seen how fast Zane Hellas Fungus Stop works.  It does take the entire 4 weeks to kill the infection but if you are looking for a natural remedy then this is a great product.  I have also read a zillion positive customer reviews on Amazon and it is also their Best Nail Fungus Treatment available.  In other words their best seller.  That to me says it all!!  I would give it a try and after the 4 weeks if by chance you are still having problems, then go for something stronger from your doctor.

The Good Stuff
  • 100 % Natural Herbs
  • Works effectively and fast
  • I cannot tell you what but I can tell you that there is a BONUS Gift inside.  I brought a heap in for my nail bar and got a nice surprise!!
The Bad Stuff
  • Cannot use if breast feeding or pregnant
  • Cannot use if you have allergies to Sage, Thyme, Basil or Mint.
  • Takes a while, but it's natural and it works!!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Review Summary

Best Seller

Product Name:

Zane Hellas 'Fungus Stop'

Product Type:

Nail Fungus Treatment




A four week highly effective treatment that breaks down and kills nail fungus fast.  It is the best nail fungus treatment and is 100% natural.


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Justine Olausen is a professional nail manicurist of over 25 years. Her goal here is to share her knowledge and experience and help others achieve healthier natural nails.

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