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Ready To Put Some Life Back Into Your Nails & Have Healthier Natural Nails Of Your Own?


Giving your nails the tender love and care they need after the removal of acrylics can take time, as you can see above,  Cassandra has been kind enough to send me through these images of how her nails looked after her artificial nails were removed, after many months, patience and perseverance and using the best treatments for nail recovery she has achieved what she never thought was possible. 

Cassandra has monitored the changes in her nails closely and stuck with this nail care system that works and is now a very happy customer.


CassHealth Coach/Fitness Trainer

Let me start by saying, I have NEVER had nice never!!  Which is why I started the whole acrylic nails thing in my early twenties or so.  I would go in between wearing them, then swearing to take them off and get my nails "back to strong and healthy again" (forgetting that they had never been that way to begin with)!  Course, I tried every nail strengthener on the market (and yes, I mean every single one!!!)  and eventually, without exception, I would go back to acrylics or gels because I missed having nice nails that made my "man hands" look not quite so manly.

So, fast forward 20+ years or so... I got get overlay put on my natural nails a few years ago thinking this would be better...nope.  I ended up taking them off in January 2016 and they were horrible!!!  I mean, worse than ever!  I would be in agony just running my hands under water!  They were thinner than paper and made me want to hide my hands from everyone.  Take a look at what they looked like after removal of gels:

I didn't know what to do, but I knew I couldn't go back to the same thing that had turned them this bad to begin with.  Then, enter Justine and her unbelievable recommendations!  I don't actually recall how I found her site but thank god I did!  She recommended to me the 2 most AMAZING products in the world and there was no looking back.  I started with the TRIND Natural Nail Repair and Balsam and followed the directions exactly.  


Nails After Gel Overlay (short, red, painful with ridges!!)

​I am not going to say it happened overnight but I did see my nails getting a little bit better with each passing week.  Then, I ordered the 'Fabulous Glass Nail File' that Justine recommended (boy, it WAS Fabulous!) and used only that to file any small tears in my nails....when things started turning around, I got excited! Check out the pix below.


Starting To Get Healthy, Slowly But Surely!!


Heading In The Right Direction

And now, I absolutely LOVE wearing polish, all different colors, because I feel great about my hands and nails!


Honestly, I talk about these products to anyone who will listen!!  The nail file and TRIND Products have changed my nails forever!!  I will never, ever again put gels or acrylics on my now long, strong beautiful nails.  Thank you, Justine, for sticking with me and offering the encouraging support along the way when I wanted to give up.  You told me to be patient and boy, were you right!  Less than 6 months later, my nails are better than they have every been, even before I ever started with acrylics and gels.  These are the nails I have always wished for...thanks for all the help!

​My only complaint is typing on the computer now... my long nails have slowed down my typing speed a bit :), Well worth it, though!

Give these​ a will NOT be disappointed!!

If Your Nails Are Tender & Sore You Need To Read This First

Over the years I have seen and heard some horrific stories from women who have been left with very damaged and tender nail beds after having their acrylics removed, even by a professional.   It's a catch 22, as there are those that cannot bare to deal with the health or state of their nails and keep going back for more which just creates even more problems. 

Cassandra signed up for a FREE Nail Analysis with me approximately 6 months ago,   in the beginning she also suffered from sore tender nail beds, her nails had even formed a slight horizontal ridge where the nails were so thin.  

Unfortunately this tenderness is a very common problem and can take days sometimes weeks to settle down, but with the right products and heaps of trust and patience in your nail system you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.


Okay, so if you fall into this category and your nail beds are sensitive then you need to start with a really nourishing keratin oil or Pura'dor Oil which is the product Cassandra used.  She applied the Pura'dor Oil  (100% argan oil)  to her nails morning and night until the sensitivity in her nails had gone before starting her treatment.

It is very important that you follow this first step before you begin your treatment or you may suffer from stinging or a tingling sensation in your nails due to how thin and fragile they are.  Some of you may not suffer from the tingling sensation but I highly recommend you follow this step first to avoid this happening.

After Sensitivity Has Settled It's Time To Begin Your Nail Repair Treatment

This is one of the latest images of Cassandra's nails, after 6 months of persevering and sticking to her routine, as you can see she is very proud to show off her beautiful nails.

Cassandra was so impressed with the results she then wanted to start using polish again, but was concerned about using products that may cause damage so I suggested she try using CND Vinylux Weekly Polish, but she took it upon herself to try out the OPI's Infinite Shine Polish with the system's base and top coat and as you can see they look amazing.  She has informed me that if she applies her top coat once every 3 days over her polish it will keep her polish looking like this for 2 weeks!!!!!


Thank You TRIND!!

Review Summary

Product Name:

TRIND Nail Repair Kit

Product Type:

Nail Repair Treatment




Strengthens, hydrates and conditions your nails and cuticles , promoting healthier nail growth, ultimately leads to beautiful natural nails of your own.

Important Usage Tips To Be Aware Of
When Using Your Nail Repair Treatment

  • For results as fantastic as Cassandra, please use the keratin oil or pura'dor oil if your nails are sensitive for 2 - 4 weeks before starting on your treatment program.
  • To save on shipping, consider getting your oil, glass nail file and treatment all in the same shipment to avoid shipping costs!!
Take The Time To Watch This Quick Video Explaining The Nail Care Routine That Will Get Your Nails Back & Better Than Ever Before!!

To Gain Maximum Results I Have Shared With You My Step By Step Routine For You To Follow
  • Step 1.   Apply the TRIND Nail Balsam onto clean nails and cuticles for 14 days, let sit for 1 - 2 minutes before you gently massage the remainder in.
  • Step 2.   Follow with one coat of the TRIND Nail Repair every evening for 14 days straight after you have massaged in the remainder of the nail balsam.
  • Step 6.  After 14 days of using your nail treatment it is important to take a break for one week and use your keratin or argan oil daily for one whole week.
  • Step 7. After one week of using your chosen oil, repeat Step 1 and 2 by using your treatment for another 14 days. 
Things To Be Aware Of When Using Your Treatment
  • Remember to always remove the previous coat of your TRIND Treatment  before applying the new one coat, preferably using a non-acetone nail polish remover.
  • You should always take a week off after your two week treatment and just use your oil twice a day, morning and night.  Over use of this treatment can have the reverse effect on your nails.

My Expert Opinion About The TRIND Nail Repair Kit.

Working in the nail industry has been a very rewarding experience, once upon a time my passion was turning a set of short , not so great looking nails into a beautiful set of acrylics, which I had and still do have a  natural flare for.  I have always paid great attention to detail, which has been a positive to my success when it comes to acrylics.

BUT as the years have passed with many years of wearing acrylics myself I could see the wear and tear that artificial nails have had on my own nails, which is what lead me to doing a little bit of research to find a good quality product that really helped to get my natural nails back into good health after years of wearing acrylics.

​After discovering the TRIND System and seeing the results that I had on my own nails I knew I had found a formula  that really did work.  As you can see in the image of my nails over to the right I was very impressed with the results.  

My passion has now changed to helping women to get their natural nails back to health after wearing acrylics.  

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a solution to damaged nails after acrylics.​

The Good Stuff
  • Nourishes your nails (hydrates, conditions and strengthens)
  • Healthy natural nails of your own
  • A sense of personal achievement 
The Bad Stuff
  • Can take a while for some, it really depends on you not giving up and sticking to the routine.
  • To begin with it can take 5 minutes out of your day BUT once  you start to see results you can narrow it down to once or twice a week.

The Ultimate Nail Care System That Will Promote Healthier Natural Nails Of Your Own

To Gain Maximum Results You Need To Follow The Entire Routine:

Once you have your products ready you can begin your routine.  If your nails are not tender then start with your TRIND Treatment for 14 days and then take a week off.  

Follow will one entire week of just the oil, then repeat 14 days of your TRIND products then again another weeks break using your choice of oil.


Carol was wearing acrylics for years, she has been a very loyal customer but I could see that her nails needed a break and suggested trying TRIND....WOW!!!!!

It does sound confusing but once you have these products in front of you, you will understand exactly how to follow these instructions.  I will be here to help you through and assist you with any questions you have at all, so don't feel as though you are on your own.  You can leave your questions down below or email me and I will get back to you.

These are the best treatments for nail recovery after acrylics, ​all you need to do is be patient and do not give up no matter what!!!  Chin up and good luck 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

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Once my nails are good again do I keep using this treatment?

You mention above that we should use the keratin or argan oil in between treatments, why is that?

How long will the treatment last?

Review Summary

Product Name:

TRIND Nail Repair Kit

Product Type:

Nail Repair Treatment




Formulated to give your nails intense hydration and conditioning.  Strengthens and gives back that healthy flexibility.  

Alternative Solutions For Nail Recovery After Acrylics

Fabulous Glass Nail File

best nail file for natural nails

Did you know that using a glass nail file to shape your nails can reduce splitting and peeling?

Rescuer Xx Keratin Oil

repair nails after acrylics

 Using a Keratin Oil on a daily basis can hydrate and condition even the most brittle nails.  Great for those that have just had their acrylics removed!!

Sore Nails After Acrylics


If your nails are extremely sensitive and sore then this treatment might be a better solution for you.


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Justine Olausen is a professional nail manicurist of over 25 years. Her goal here is to share her knowledge and experience and help others achieve healthier natural nails.

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