Best Way To Achieve Healthy Natural Wedding Nails

With This Amazing Product You Really Can Achieve Beautiful Healthy Natural Wedding Nails Of Your Own Without Having To Turn To Acrylics

For most woman, getting married and planning for your big day can not only be a fantastic experience but also quite a stressful one too.  From my own personal experience it seems like there is so much to think about and decide on, such as your wedding nails or if you have picked the right venue, what to do with your hair and so on and so on, LOL!!

I may not be able to help you with choosing the right venue, or how you should be having your hair done, BUT I can help you achieve beautiful healthy nails of your own on your wedding day rather than a quick fix of acrylics.

Make This A Fun Thing That Can Involve All Of Your Bridesmaids

Despite all of the stresses, the ups and downs it is also a very exciting and invigorating time for a woman to be able to plan her wedding to perfection without going overboard with the costs because as we all know the dollars soon add up very quickly.

Having worked in the nail industry for over 25 years now I have seen firsthand the kind of expenses we are talking about and the time it can take, especially if you plan on having a few bridesmaids.  But all of this is all rewarding when you see a radiant bride and her bridal party perfect down to the last detail.

​Consider this for a moment, instead of leaving your nails till the last minute and booking in for acrylics for your wedding you could look at using something like this a couple of months before, leading up to  the big day to get your own nails looking magnificent.

The Trind Nail Repair Kit - The Ultimate Treatment To Bring Your Nails Back To Life

Nail recovery after acrylics

This nail repair system will hydrate and strengthen your nails without fail by your wedding day.  Peeling and chipping will all come to an end.  I can 100% guarantee that if you stick to the instructions you will never have to worry about unhealthy nails again.

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Are Acrylics Really Worth The Hassle?

Okay so it's not worth the hassle as long as you find a good nail technician that is very particular and has a good reputation right?  

It's really not about getting them on, it's about the time it takes to heal your fingernails afterwards, I am not sure if people even think of this.  Especially if this is a treat that you never ever do, why would you even consider having them on your nails for your wedding day.  

You can end up with traumatized fingernails and spend months trying to repair them, do you think its worth it?  Think about it, wouldn't it be so much nicer to start a treatment on your nails a couple of months before your big day get them healthy and strong and then maybe even just getting a nice french manicure with Shellac.  ​

This is way more practical and has a beautiful finish and is certainly no where near as damaging to your nails as acrylics.​

Involve Your Bridesmaids & Make It  Exciting!!

Get all your bridesmaids together and start your treatment, take photos so you can see the difference in your nails after two months!!  Motivate and encourage each other as good results come quickly if you stick with your treatment.

Check Out These Natural Nails - This Is A French Polish Created With Shellac

​There is no acrylic at all on either of these girls, and look how beautiful their nails look, with just a simple french manicure.  

To Achieve This French Look I Used​

1 Coat Of Strawberry Smoothie

2 Coats Of Creme Puff For French Tips

1 Coat Of Beau Over Entire Nail

To Add A Pretty Sparkly Finish, add 1 Coat Of Zillionaire

Of course the last coat of 'Zillionaire' is entirely up to you, depends if you would like that blingy look.  

Your Special Day Is Near

Okay so if you have been using your nail repair treatment you will have noticed lots of changes in your nails by now.

It's time to book in for your Shellac French Polish!!  Woop Woop!!

This will only take half an hour and half the cost of acrylics and will not damage your nails.  You are best to go back to your nail manicurist after two weeks to have your shellac removed professionally, do not pull or peel this off yourself.

So girls, if you are thinking about how you are going to achieve healthy natural wedding nails of your own, then this is the best way to do it.  I wish you all the best and I hope it is a day of magic for you.  All the best ... 🙂

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About the Author

Justine Olausen is a professional nail manicurist of over 25 years. Her goal here is to share her knowledge and experience and help others achieve healthier natural nails.