Best Way To Stop Fingernails Splitting Down The Middle

Using Keratin To Stop Fingernails Splitting Down The Middle!!

​Although there can be many different causes of splitting nails, it can be almost impossible trying to pin point the main cause of splits forming.

The most effective way to deal with these nasty splits is with keratin oil...with continual use and only using a glass nail file to shape your nails, you may be able to reduce the chances of the splits forming as often.

CND's Recently Released Keratin Oil That Reduces Splitting & Peeling Nails By Up To 70%

RescuerXx  by CND

This product has been created by CND and was released late in 2015.  It is a natural keratin oil containing sweet almond and jojoba oil, that penetrates deep into your nails and cuticles.  

It is designed to reduce splitting and peeling in your nails by up to 70%...


​RescuerXx is filled with protein keratin that will bond to your nails, absorbs quickly and hydrates fast.

With RescuerXx you will start to notice changes in your nails within a week, imagine the difference after 4 weeks!!!​

If you are still suffering from nail splits in after one month of using RescuerXx then you could look into the IBX Nail Treatment.   I am not promoting this product yet but I believe it helps to mold splits together while they grow out......​


Incorrect Filing Will Encourage The Edges Of Your Nails To Split

​Get rid of all your old files, yep throw them all out, they are no good, they will just leave the edges of your nails rough and porous.  Using a glass nail file from now on with your keratin oil will really help with the overall appearance and health of your nails.  

Sealing the edge of your nails will help bond the keratin layers together rather than rip them apart.  If this is new to you then you should take the time to read this blog explaining why glass nail files are better !!

How Do We Know What Creates These Splits?

Usually if this is​ a problem that is only affecting your fingernails, not your toenails then I would imagine that these splits are either from a previous trauma to your nail bed or from living/working conditions.

  • Over exposure to harsh chemicals or water without wearing gloves.
  • Using your fingernail as a tool over a long period of time can cause damage and create splits.
  • Wearing cheap nail polishes with harsh drying agents that suck all the moisture out of your nails
  • Damage after wearing artificial nails, such as shellac, gels or acrylics over long periods of time
  • Lack of iron in your system can affect the health of your nails.  One of the known symptoms from lack or iron is cracking and splitting nails.

​Put An End To Splitting Nails Today!!!

​Check out the daily keratin treatment (RescuerXx) and get yourself a good glass nail file and start giving your nails that extra tender love and care they  need to prevent your fingernails splitting down the middle. It's worth a try and if this doesn't help, consider looking into the IBX Treatment or emailing me as I know a lady using this IBX at the moment and waiting to find out if this treatment has helped her. 


About the Author

Justine Olausen is a professional nail manicurist of over 25 years. Her goal here is to share her knowledge and experience and help others achieve healthier natural nails.