Nail Biting Remedies – Tips To Break The Habit For Good!!!

The Dreaded Nail Biting Habit, Also Known In  Medical Terms As Onychophagia.  Let’s just go over a few simple nail biting remedies that may  help distract you from putting those fingers in your mouth.Hynosis has been known to work for a lot of people that are trying to break habits, ie:  smoking, nail biting.  This […]

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Vinylux Nail Polish Review – Create Salon Results Today

Hey everyone, are you sick of wasting your money on products that chip after a couple of days?  Well I am kind of in two minds about this particular product.  Check out my Vinylux Nail Polish Review and you can decide for yourself. If you are looking for that salon finish then the Vinylux Weekly […]

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Guaranteed Professional Treatment for Dry Cuticles

Using A Treatment For Dry Cuticles That Absorbs And Hydrates Is Crucial For Healthy Nails. Finding some time to care for your cuticles is time well spent.  Without the health of your cuticles, especially those of you that suffer from dry cuticles your nails can suffer. It’s not until your cuticles become thick, dry or even start […]

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