Dr Scholl’s Paraffin Wax Bath Review

This treatment is a little bit of a luxury, most people probably have never heard of paraffin wax before!!  It’s a wonderful way to hydrate your feet and  hands and is also known to gDr Scholl Paraffin Wax Bathive relief for those suffering from arthritic pain. Dr Scholl’s paraffin wax bath is a great little package that comes with everything included that you will need for your treatments.

Product:  Dr Scholl’s Paraffin Wax Bath
Estimated Price:  Only $37.99
Place To Buy:  Amazon.com
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This Great Little Kit Includes:

  1. Dr Scholl’s Paraffin Bath
  2. 3 pounds of wax
  3. 2 thermal mitts
  4. 30 glove liners

Find Out Why I Love This Particular Paraffin Bath

  • Firstly Dr Scholl is a reputable and well known company that is dedicated to producing products that really work.
  • Multiple heat settings with an indicator light so you know when your unit is operating.
  • Great feedback from many other customers that are already using Dr Scholl’s Bath.
  • Arrives with everything you need to start your treatments
  • Wax melts within 2 hours
  • You can use this for your hands and your feet
  • Relieves sufferers of bursitus, arthritis and inflamed joints.
  • Helps remove dead skin
  • Is great for retaining moisture in your skin

What Have Other’s Said About This Kit

Some users have mentioned that the wax you get with this kit doesn’t have a great smell once it has melted, but that is an easy fix, just throw in a couple of drops of lavender oil and you will have a wonderful scent.

There is also no latch to seal the lid on, it just sits snuggly on top, so you would have to make sure to put it out of reach of children and pet’s until the wax has cooled down.

Usage Tips

  •  Make it a treat that you can give yourself once a month on the weekend, so you are home while your wax is melting.
  • Once your wax has melted completely, turn the temperature right down to low and let sit for 10 minutes or so…
  • Before you dip any body parts into the wax make sure you have sanitized, that way when you have finished your treatment you can re-use your hardened wax by putting it back into your bath.  Ready for the next time you use it.
  • Massage a really hydrating cream into your hands or feet before dipping, the heat of the wax will open your pores and allow the moisture to soak right into your skin leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated.  This will help the wax to just glide off after treatment.
  • Once you have dipped 3 times, put on your plastic gloves and mitt and enjoy 10 minutes of time out while your wax is hardening and working it’s magic.

There is nothing worse than dry hands and feet, but once you start your treatment you are going to notice a big difference in your skin.  I usually charge a little extra when I do pedicures for this treatment.

This is also fantastic over the winter months when the winds are cooler and your skin tends to feel dryer.

Dr Scholl’s paraffin wax bath is a great deal, great price and comes with everything you will need to get started.

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