Good Nail Care During Chemotherapy Treatment

Unfortunately during chemotherapy treatment there are going to be changes to your nails, especially if you already suffer from weak, brittle nails to begin with.  For those of you that have pride in your nails and how they look then nail care during chemotherapy is necessary.

Starting a nail care treatment that nourishes and hydrates your nails prior to and during your treatment will assist in helping keep your nails in better health.


Kinds Of Changes That May Occur In Your Nails During & After Chemotherapy


  • Chemotherapy is given in cycles, so there could be marks/lines that show on your nails plate caused by treatment, these lines will eventually grow out over time.
  • Your nails may become more brittle
  • There could be some discoloration in your nail plate
  • Deeper nail ridges may occur
  • A decrease in the growth rate of your nails
  • Your nails may feel a little more sensitive
  • Peeling and splitting is also a common side effect to chemo

Other More Serious Nail Issues That May Need Medical Attention

  • Paronychia – Is an infection in your skin and  cuticle area surrounding your  nail
  • Beau’s Lines – Are deep grooves/ridges in your nails that run across your nail rather than vertically
  • Mees’ Line’s – Are white almost transparent bands running across your nail bed
  • Onycholysis – When your nails are coming away from your nail bed
  • Onychomycosis – Is a fungal infection in your nail

WebMD offer some great information about some of these medical conditions, and you also may like to check  out what  Mayo Clinic has to say.

What Can You Begin To Do That Can Help With The Changes In Your Nails

  • You should try to avoid biting your nails and the skin surrounding them.
  • When wearing nail polishes try to use a non-acetone nail polish remover when changing coats, acetone tends to dry out your nail beds even more.
  • Give your fingertips a massage to help stimulate the blood flow each day with a nourishing oil such as Jojoba or Sweet Almond Oil
  • DON’T wear any artificial nail coatings, including Gels or Shellac
  • Get yourself a good nail repair treatment that gives your nails a boost in health and vitality before and during treatment.

How Can A Nail Treatment Help?

As a side effect of the chemotherapy your are about to or have already undertaken, your nails are very likely to be adversely affected.

Using a good nail treatment before and during chemotherapy will help protect and rejuvenate the damage which chemo may cause.

Apart from anything else, having great looking healthy nails will give you an internal boost that will assist in a positive outlook on your recovery.

Introducing The Most Effective Nail Treatments I Have Seen

Having seen at close proximity the collateral damage that chemotherapy can cause when fighting cancer, I feel that it is so important to maintain as healthier and out of body as possible.

I want to share 3 different nail treatments with you that I feel would benefit the health of your nails during your treatment.

Perfect Cuticle & Nail Kit

This wonderful product is a 3 step treatment, included in this package is:

  • Cuticle Balsam – This unique type lotion soaks deep into your cuticles and the skin surrounding your nails helping lock the moisture in for longer.
  • Nail Balsam – This is also a non-greasy lotion with a beautiful fragrance .  This soaks right into your nail plate helping condition and hydrate your nails, helps to lock the moisture in.
  • Natural Nail Repair – This will help to strengthen your nails, a very impress product.

Trind Moist & Shiny Nail Repair Kit

This product I have seen some amazing changes, very similar to the above package accept this is a 2 step treatment.  This package includes two of the above products:

  • Nail Balsam
  • Natural Nail Repair

Rescuer Xx



This is a keratin daily treatment that has only just been released made by CND, a great little product that soaks into your nails help reduce signs of splitting and peeling nails.


My Final Thoughts

The reason I wrote this post is because I have seen for myself the damage that chemotherapy can cause on your nails, I felt that this was something I could offer that may be able to help assist in keeping your nails as healthy as you can, while dealing with treatment.

I personally feel that nail care during chemotherapy treatment is important and it’s nice to give yourself a bit of something good that your nails will benefit from.   Sending you lots of love and light 🙂





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About the Author

Justine Olausen is a professional nail manicurist of over 25 years. Her goal here is to share her knowledge and experience and help others achieve healthier natural nails.

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