Repair Severely Damaged Nails With My #1 Nail Care Routine

Okay ladies, here it is!!  Unfortunately, there is no overnight fix, BUT I can guarantee a faster recovery that will repair severely damaged nails after shellac, acrylics or any other artificial nail coatings just by following a simple nail care routine.

A Quick Over View Of What You Need To Do To Prepare Your Nails For Recovery

  • You will need to have your artificial nails removed
  • Filed short using a glass nail file only
  • 2 - 4 weeks of applying either argan oil or keratin oil daily, morning and night until the tenderness has completely gone.

​This is a very important part, glass nail files are the only nail files you should be using to shape or shorten your nails from now on...these will help to seal the edges of your damaged nails and minimize tearing, peeling and splitting.

While your nails are sensitive I highly recommend getting yourself some Argan Oil or Keratin Oil, this will ease the sensitivity faster so you can begin your nail care routine!!  Either of these oils will penetrate deep into the layers of your nails, helping hydrate and bond the layers back together.  You will also need this once you begin your treatment as we will be alternating between products..

Cass - Testimonial

I would be in agony just running my hands under water!  They were thinner than paper and made me want to hide my hands from everyone!! 

Health Coach/Fitness Instructor

repair severely damaged nails


Changes You Will Notice Happening In Your Nails 

  • Promotes Stronger Nails
  • Stops Nails Peeling Completely!!
  • Minimizes Nail Ridges
  • Nails Become Whiter Along The Free Edge
  • Reduces Splitting
  • Hydrates & Conditions Nails & Cuticles
  • Seals The Keratin Layers Together To Form A Stronger Foundation
  • Gives Your Nails Back Their Natural Healthy Color 
The perfect combination of moisture and protein keratin. Conditions and hydrates while giving your nails strength and flexibility.

How Long Will It Take For Your Nails To Recover?

Depending on how severe the damage is and the time you are prepared to put in to care for your nails.

You could be looking at anywhere from 3 - 6 months.  BUT once your nails begin showing signs of recovery and a healthy foundation is in place, you will be well and truly on your way to growing beautiful healthy natural nails of your own.

​Remember if you have been wearing artificial nails long term then your nails are going to be traumatized to begin with, severely damaged nails will be sensitive, sore, splitting and peeling, you may even notice irritation around your cuticles also.

By following a simple nail system that works and sticking to it I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!!

Start To Repair Severely Damaged Nails Faster With This #1 Nail Care Routine


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​Consider this, imagine how nice it would feel to actually have people commenting on your nails!  It is possible, the same thing happened to me and many others that have followed this system.

Just to prove it I have uploaded images and testimonials from women all over the world who have gone out of their way to come back here and share their experience after using this nail care​ system.

If you are concerned about the health of your nails and looking  to repair severely damaged nails after wearing artificial nail coatings this is a genuine system that really works.... find out more here!



About the Author

Justine Olausen is a professional nail manicurist of over 25 years. Her goal here is to share her knowledge and experience and help others achieve healthier natural nails.