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Amazing Top Coat Nail Polish That Dries Almost Instantly

This Fast Drying Top Coat Nail Polish Beats Them All!!!  Working in the nail industry has been quite an advantage for me as I get to try out different products all the time.  After all customer service is all about keeping up with the latest trends in the nail industry and  making sure my customers […]

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Guaranteed Treatment For Dry Nails – Hydrates & Strengthens

Guaranteed Treatment For Dry Nails Hydrates And StrengthensOne of the unwelcoming downfalls as we age is the changes in the health of our nails.  I don’t know about you but for me I was constantly battling with dry scaly skin around my nails, my cuticles would often look tatty as well as my fingernails becoming dry […]

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Best Cuticle Remover For Professional Results At Home

CND Cuticle Away Is The Best Cuticle Remover And Gentle On Your Skin & Nails This is a product that excites me, I have been using it for years.  I have no doubt that CND Cuticle Away is the best cuticle remover as far as value for money goes.CND Cuticle Away works quickly to soften and […]

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