Cause Of Nail Fungus And Ways To Prevent It Happening Again

Prone To Nail Fungus Infections?  Then You Would Know How Hard It Is To Get Rid Of Once It Settles In

If you are prone to this condition don't panic because there are some very effective treatments these days that do a great job at clearing it up.  The problem is the cause of nail fungus and taking better steps to prevent it from returning.

Suggestions Below That May Help Prevent The Onset Of A Fungal Nail Infection

  • If you do go to nail spa's for pedicures or manicures it is so important that you make sure their tools are sterilized.
  • ​Rubber gloves can cause your hands to sweat, which is the perfect environment for fungi to grow
  • Wear ventilated footwear at times rather than enclosed
  • If you are wearing enclosed footwear then make sure they fit comfortably, avoid wearing poor fitting shoes 
  • Always remove sweaty shoes and socks after training
  • After showering make sure you dry off in between your toes
  • Try using a powder after showering
  • NEVER go into public toilets and showers without shoes/thongs on your feet
  • If you work in a professional that keeps you at your desk for long hours, try to make time to get up and walk around every now and again to keep the circulation flowing

How To Recognize You Have A Fungal Infection

Working in the nail industry has opened my eyes to some pretty extreme cases, symptoms that you should be aware of:

  • Discoloration in your nail
  • The shape of your nail becoming a little distorted and changes to the appearance of the skin around your nail
  • Your nail looks dull with no sheen at all
  • Nails coming away from the nail bed
  • Texture of your nail has become crumbly and brittle.

Find Out Why Your Nails Are The Perfect Home For Nail Fungus To Live & Conditions That Can Cause A Fungal Infection To Move In

Unfortunately anywhere that is moist and dark these organisms love, such as your hair, skin and nails.

The presence of these minuscule organisms known as Dermatophytes like to sneak their way in through small cuts or tiny openings around your nails, including underneath your nail bed.

In the right conditions if left untreated fungus in your nail can become infected and spread to other nails.  Once a infection has set in you really should seek medical attention to get it under control so there is no damage done to your nail plate. 

Here are just a few more conditions that you should be aware of that nail fungus love:

  • Air pockets in artificial nails that moisture can get into.​
  • Frequent immersion of hands and feet in water
  • Using nail care tools that have not been sterilized
  • Sometimes a prior injury to your nails
  • Wearing tight shoes all day everyday 

It Is Important To Treat Even The Smallest Signs Of Nail Fungus Before It Eventuates Into Something More Serious

If a nail fungus is left untreated you can be looking at months of treatments and even antibiotics to clear it up.  Severe symptoms should be dealt with immediately by seeing your medical practitioner.

best nail fungus treatment

If you are noticing mild symptoms of a nail fungus present then maybe you could consider trying 'Fungus Stop' to get onto it straight away.

This is a topical treatment that has 100% natural and very effective, especially if caught at its early stages.

Understanding The Cause Of Nail Fungus & Good Hygiene 

Understanding the cause of nail fungus and adhering to the best medical practice along with good hygiene will help alleviate your problems regarding the presence of nail fungal infections on your nails.

I hope I have been able to help you in some way, before you leave don't forget to check out 'Fungus Stop' it is currently a #1 Best Seller treatment for killing nail fungus.

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