Create The Salon Look At Home With This Perfect Shellac Nail Polish Kit

Time to save your dollars and get the salon look you usually pay a fortune for at home with this fantastic Shellac Nail Polish Kit that has everything you need to get going….apart from the UV Light!!!  But that’s okay, I can help you with that too.

Product:  CND Shellac Intro Pack
Best Price:  $153.95
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Why Am I Promoting CND Above So Many Others?

Maybe because there is no other brand that gives you the same finish and lasts for two weeks like CND.

Working in the nail industry myself I use CND Shellac on a daily basis and there is no other product that will give you this salon finish.

Yes there are many other cheaper versions of Shellac, but I can promise you right now through my own experience and from seeing some pretty awful results from clients of mine that have been overseas and come back with a ‘so called shellac’ on their nails and there is no comparison!!

What I love about this kit is that it includes all the basic things that you will need to get going, apart from the UV light….there are other kits out there that include a UV light but the price sky rockets.

You don’t need an expensive UV/LED light to cure Shellac, yes it will help to have a decent one but you don’t need to spend a fortune.

Let’s Take A Look At What This Kit Includes:

CND Scrubfresh (2 fl.oz)
Shellac  Base Coat (25 oz)
Shellac Top Coat (25 oz)
Pure Isopropyl Alcohol (2 fl. oz)
Solar Oil (.5 fl.oz)
Pure Acetone (2 fl.oz)
Shellac Removal Wraps (250 pieces)
20 CND Files
20 Orange Woodsticks

Comes With 4 Great Shades

Cream Puff is pure white, I use this for doing the perfect French Manicure on my clients or you could use this just as a color on its own.

Negligee is almost a translucent pink, great for a nice natural look with a slightly pinkish shade or you could use this over your white tips to tone down the white, which is what I use this for.

Fedora is a lovely shade but I don’t find this as popular as some of the others, it looks great on, but more of a winter tone to me.

Wildfire is one of the most popular shades, it looks great on and a great way to attract attention to your nails!!! Very nice, I love this shade.


This kit comes with 4 great CND shades to get you rolling , until you are ready to add to your collection.

Now All You Need Is A UV Light To Cure Your Shellac!!

This particular UV light has plenty of positive customer reviews, you can cure both hands at once and if you are like me and love shellac on your toe nails, your toes will fit in perfectly too…

Compared to the big brand UV Lights, ie:  CND, the Thermal Spa UV Auto Gel Light is a great price and works perfectly with the CND Shellac Nail System…  NOW YOU ARE SET AND READY TO GO!!

One More Thing You Should Know About Continual Use Of Shellac On Your Nails

I love CND Shellac, application is simple and the finished look is amazing, but you need to be aware that continual use of Shellac can slowly weaken and dry out your nails, especially after long term use of wearing Shellac without breaks.

Yes it looks amazing and makes your nails feel stronger when you are wearing it, but when you remove it after time you will start to notice changes in your nails if you don’t take care of your natural nails in between applications.

What You Can Do To Help Keep Your Nails Strong & Hydrated In Between Applications

If you love Shellac and plan on wearing it often then I would seriously think about getting yourself some RescueRXx, it is cheap as chips and will help keep your nails in great shape in between use.  It is a keratin protein oil combined with jojoba and sweet almond oil that completely soaks deep into your nail plate and cuticles helping to keep your nails strong and hydrated.

Now You Should Be Ready To Have Some Fun With Shellac!!

Okay so once you have your Shellac Nail Polish Kit, your UV Light and some RescueRXx to keep your nails in good shape you are well and truly on your way to having that professional look that you would normally get at the nail spa at home.  I hope you have fun with it and remember to add to your collection there are over 90 awesome shades to choose from.   🙂


About the Author

Justine Olausen is a professional nail manicurist of over 25 years. Her goal here is to share her knowledge and experience and help others achieve healthier natural nails.

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