Do Gel Nails Damage Your Nails
Nail Expert Speaks Out!!

I Might Be Stepping Out Of Line Here But I Am Going To Say Yes!!!

Speaking from 25 years experience as a nail expert,  I believe any artificial coatings that are worn on your nails especially for long periods of time will effect the underlying nail plate.  So the answer to 'do gel nails damage your nails', yes, absolutely!!!

Learn To Notice The Changes In Your Nails In Between Applications

When you first begin to start wearing gels or shellac on your nails, you will probably remember in the beginning how well they'd adhered to your natural nails.   After so many months you will begin to notice how much quicker your gel starts to chip or peel away.

What Do You Think Happens?

Each time you return to have your gels removed your nail technician would either have you soak your nails in 100% pure acetone or you would wear foil wraps for at least 10 minutes that have been soaked in pure acetone to soften and help lift the gel away.

do gel nails damage your nails

Can you imagine the drying effect this would have on your natural nails?  Not only that, then your nail technician has to scrape away what gel doesn't come away, especially gels that consist of bling!!  The more bling the harder it is to remove.

Basically each time you go back to change the color you are putting your natural nails through hell!  The worse they get the less likely your gel coatings will last.

do gel nails damage your nails


  • Nails become weaker and weaker
  • You will start to notice them becoming thinner and more brittle
  • White spots may start to appear due to dehydration
  • Your nails will be stripped of all their natural oils

Consider Taking A Break From Gels

​Let's just say you are addicted and removing the gels permanently is not an option for you.  Maybe you could consider trying to take a breather every now and again to keep your nails in shape.

This is an option and can make a big difference to the state of your natural nails if you were to alternate your gel applications to one month on and one month off, this will give your nails a chance to breath.

How A Breather Can Make All The Difference!!

Simple, while you are having a month's breather from wearing gels, consider using a nail repair treatment this way you are giving your nails a boost for a whole month.  Not only will this keep your nails in great condition but it will also make your visits to the nail bar worth the money you are spending to have the gels on in the first place.  

It seems to be that women are preferring to go with gel overlays without considering the damage that it is doing to their natural nails.  But if you were to  dedicate 5 minutes a day to a healthy nail care routine in your off time you are going to have a healthier base for the gels to adhere to anyway, which means your gels will last longer rather than peeling away earlier than normal.

Benefits Of Using A Nail Repair Treatment​ In Between Applications

  • A boost of moisture - hydrates the nail plate and absorbing deep into the layers of your nails.
  • Reduces peeling and splitting
  • Promotes healthier nail growth
  • Eliminates white spots
  • Creates more strength and flexibility

A Brief Overview About Why This Nail Repair Kit Is Sending My Nail Business Broke

I guess that is a bit of an overkill, my business is still great but now I have more and more women  looking to get their natural nails looking healthy and strong rather than a quick fix of acrylics or gels/shellac.  More and more women have concerns about the health of their natural nails after long term use of wearing acrylics, shellac or gels on their natural nails.

For me this has been a nice change of focus and a more positive one.  Maybe in the past it has been a simple case of not having the time for a simple nail care routine or maybe it wasn't common knowledge that there were some very effective nail treatments available that help to improve the health of your natural nails as we do now.  



My Professional Opinion

Personally,  if you are planning on wearing gels, acrylics or shellac for long periods at a time without taking a break then you are definitely going to see some damage after removal.  

do gel nails damage your nails

Any artificial coatings that are permanently adhered to your natural nails for long periods at a time will have a negative impact.

For healthier nails and money in your pocket, consider using a nail repair treatment. You might even , like thousands of others get such great results from using this that you  do away with gels for good.  

For more information about​ this awesome nail treatment and some real testimonials from other users, continue here.

If you have any questions relating to your nails, then please don't forget to leave your question below and I will help you as best I can.  Good Luck 🙂


About the Author

Justine Olausen is a professional nail manicurist of over 25 years. Her goal here is to share her knowledge and experience and help others achieve healthier natural nails.

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