Guaranteed Treatment For Dry Nails Hydrates And Strengthens

One of the unwelcoming downfalls as we age is the changes in the health of our nails.  I don't know about you but for me I was constantly battling with dry scaly skin around my nails, my cuticles would often look tatty as well as my fingernails becoming dry and brittle.  

Personally I think this is a pretty unattractive look which is where the treatment for dry nails come in.  Yep, I know I am supposed to be the expert nail technician but to be quite honest, I am flat out doing other peoples nails as well as keeping up with the daily chores, running the house etc I felt there was not much time or effort on my behalf to look after my own nails.​

How A Simple Nail Care Routine Changed The Health Of My Nails

This is a treatment that I actually found online and used myself without mentioning it to anyone.  Then all of a sudden some pretty dramatic changes were happening with the appearance of my nails so much so that people started to comment on them.

That was the beginning of my new passion, which was to help people repair their natural nails rather than the quick fix, which was wearing acrylics.​

Working in the nail industry has taken its toll on my nails, I mean we are talking about years of wearing acrylics.  But as you can see from my photo over to the right, my nails are looking amazing!!​

TRIND Treatment for dry nails

So What Makes This Nail Repair Treatment So Good

  • There are two products in this pack, one is for hydrating your nails and the other is to lock the moisture in and help build back the strength and flexibility in your nails.
  • The conditioner helps to condition your cuticles as well.
  • You can see changes in your nails after 2 - 3 days!!
  • It's an intense treatment that can be used long term.
  • But most of all I love that there are two products and they work with each other to help strengthen but hydrate too.  A lot of nail hardeners will just harden but not hydrate, if anything they can actually cause more dryness and brittleness in your nails.

How Fast Will It Take To See Changes In Your Nails

This will depend on how committed you are to following the instructions.  The first two weeks are the hardest because you have to do it every evening for 14 nights.  But after the first two weeks if it is easier for you , then you can cut it back to apply 2 - 3 times a week.

I noticed a difference in my nails within 3 days, I have not worn acrylics for at least 4 years now so there was no previous damage.  I suffered from dry brittle nails that were often peeling.  My nails were looking amazing after 2 months of using the TRIND Nail Repair Treatment.​

Common Causes Of Dry Nails You Can Try To Avoid

  • Stay away from artificial nail coatings, long term use of these types of nail coatings set or cured on your nails will take its toll on your nails.
  • over exposure to water or harsh chemicals on a regular basis
  • Lack of moisture 
  • Day to day duties that may take their toll on your nails, ie:  using your nails as tools
  • Continual use of nail varnishes without wearing a base coat
  • Using over the counter nail hardeners that actually cause more harm than good

Using A Nail Treatment To Promote Healthier Nails

Okay so there are other simple home remedies that you can do to help hydrate your nails but it can take a lot longer to see any change and to be quite honest I don't have the time or the patience to be sitting around soaking my fingernails in olive oil or in anything else for that matter.

This is a treatment for dry nails that absorbs deep into the layers that make up your nail plate almost instantly, then lock the moisture in creating strength and flexibility.

 If you are looking for a product that works then I highly recommend giving the TRIND Nail Repair Treatment a try!!


About the Author

Justine Olausen is a professional nail manicurist of over 25 years. Her goal here is to share her knowledge and experience and help others achieve healthier natural nails.

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