Keratin For Nails That Are Weak, Sensitive And Sore

If Your Nails Are Tender After Removal Of Acrylics, Shellac or Gels
You Need Keratin!!!

​Nails that are tender and sore or brittle and constantly splitting or peeling are obviously crying out for nourishment.  Using keratin for nails that suffer from any of these symptoms is a great way to restore moisture and strengthen your nails without causing any discomfort.

When your nail beds are so tender they will be extremely sensitive to most products, some even causing tingling and stinging in your nail beds, which can be very uncomfortable for some!!

​A keratin treatment is gentle on your nails while they are still in the repairing process.  I highly recommend trying out one of my two options below before using anything else on your nails!!  One ingredient that can cause problems is you need to be aware of what your product consists of!!!

Keratin for nail

Option #1  New Trind Keratin Formula


Product:  New Trind Keratin Formula
Best Price:  $45.95

​Why This Kit Is Great For Thin & Sensitive Nails

As you already know I am a user of the Trind products myself and so far have only seen great results.  As far a I am concerned Trind offer some of the best nail care products in the world!!

Trind Keratin Recovery
  • Helps to restore your nails, absorbing into the fine layers of your nails plate.  This will also hydrate and nourish your tender nails reducing splitting and peeling.  Very gentle on your nails!!​
Trind Keratin Protector
  • ​This product is exactly this, designed to help lock in the moisture deep into your nails protecting them from the harsh environment whilst they are so thin and tender.
keratin for nails

Option #2  CND Keratin Daily Treatment

Strengthens, Conditions and Hydrates Your Nails Beautifully

​Product:  CND RescuerXx
Best Price:  $13.29

  • CND are well know for their fantastic products in the nails industry, in fact I use a lot of their products in my nail bar.  I love to share this with all my clients.   Especially those that have just had their acrylics removed and also for those that have brittle nails that are constantly peeling or splitting.  This is a wonderful product to have at home for everyday use to keep your nails in shape.

If your nails are really tender then just stick with CND RescuerXx for a couple of weeks.  When the tenderness has died down then I would highly recommend going onto using the Trind Nail Repair Kit with RescuerXx, once you begin that treatment you will be well on your way to healthier nails.

Which Repair System Would Be Better For You Right Now

So, if you feel that your nails are very sensitive then I would consider either of the two options I have mentioned above.  

Once your nails are feeling a little stronger and not so sensitive THEN I would definitely try the Trind Nail Repair Kit.  I consider this to be the best nail treatment you can use for healthier natural nails but the keratin treatment will prepare them for this .​

Keratin for nails that are sensitive and sore remember and Trind Nail Repair Kit for even better results further on.  Good luck and let us know how you go, this will benefit others too looking for products to help restore they nails.  🙂

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Justine Olausen is a professional nail manicurist of over 25 years. Her goal here is to share her knowledge and experience and help others achieve healthier natural nails.

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