Most Effective Way To Hydrate And Strengthen Nails After Acrylics

More and more woman are giving away the acrylics, gels and shellac and becoming much more aware about the damage that some artificial nail coatings can do to their own nails.  Well, surprise!!!!  There are ways to help strengthen nails after acrylics, but it will take time and patience as your natural nails are not as resilient as these acrylics, so this is going to time to get used to.

Do Acrylics Ruin Your Natural Nails?Thin Fragile nails after wearing acrylics

In my opinion I feel that it really does come down to how your acrylics are applied.  If your nail technician is doing this correctly, she/he would only be lightly buffing your natural nails just to give a slight rough surface to help the acrylic resin to adhere to your natural nail better.

Nail technicians that are using harsh nail files and drills on your natural nail will be causing way more damage and this will leave your nails thin and weak, even bruised.  Sometimes the bruising can go on for days after application.

Another reason your nails can feel damaged can depend  on how the acrylic is removed from your nails.  I always suggest to lightly file or drill away 90% of the acrylic rather than removing all of the product, leaving just a thin layer of acrylic that just grows out as your nails grow.

Acrylics nails that have been removed with no care will definitely leave your natural nails feeling very weak and sore, sometimes taking weeks or months to recover.

Find Out The Best & Fastest Way To Help Strengthen Nails After Acrylics

It is very common for woman to suffer from peeling and splitting nails after having their acrylics removed,  as well as feeling and looking very dry and brittle with no flexibility.

There are ways to help restore your natural nails by following a few simple home remedies or using a nail repair treatment that nourishes and repairs your nails in a matter or weeks.

Unfortunately it is not an overnight fix, but if you persevere with the simple daily tips as well as using your nail treatment, you are going to start seeing some wonderful results very quickly.

Just keep in mind that the new nail growing through is the nail that you are going to see greater results from, completely unaffected by buffing, drilling or any harsh chemicals.  Once your new nails have grown out to your nails edge you will never need to or have the desire to wear acrylic on your nails ever again.

Reduce Splitting & Chipping With This Great Tool

If you are concerned about your nail health then I would  highly recommend getting rid of any emery boards or metal nails files and getting yourself a glass nail file .   The old traditional files will traumatize and thin the edges of your nails even more,  causing the keratin layers of your  nails to separate.  Whereas glass nail files help to seal the edges of your nails leaving them  smooth, reducing  further splitting or chipping.

Find out some simple and easy ways to help get your natural nails back into shape and more on what treatments I recommend to help strengthen nails after acrylics. 🙂




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