Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Someone Special!!!

Looking for something a little different this year, something a little more personal maybe?  Check out some unique Christmas Gift Ideas for 2015 that won’t disappoint.

Most Women Struggle With Peeling or Splitting Nails So How About This Wonderful Gift Idea To Help Repair,  Strengthen & Hydrate Her Nails?

This is the kind of gift that a lot of women would  probably not go out and look for or even know such a treatment exists.  This perfect duo will help your special someone achieve beautiful healthy natural nails of their own… Trind Nail Repair Treatment is without a doubt the best I have ever used and many others would agree!!!

To Add To Your Nail Treatment Don’t Forget To Throw In This Amazing Manicure Tool!!

Once you have used a glass nail file there is no way you would ever go back to the old traditional files, they are way too harsh and leave your nails feeling rough and porous increasing the chances of peeling and splitting.

This particular file comes with it’s own protective case and is currently the #1 Best Seller!!  This is a wonderful gift on it’s own and should be definitely  used with the Trind Nail Treatment.

Treat Someone Special To This Wonderful Gift That Will Give Salon Results At Home!!

This awesome package is for those who like to have that salon look without having to visit the nail bar.  It’s a great price and comes with 4 great shellac shades.  I would be thrilled to get something like this for Christmas, imagine the dollars you can help her save!!!!!

Women Love Having The Perfect Collection Of Nail Polish Shades EspeciaVinylux Package 1 (1)lly One That Lasts A Week & Dries In Minutes!!

Sounds pretty amazing, well it is!!  Vinylux Weekly Polish is a new product designed to dry in less than 10 minutes and will not chip.

I love using this product because of it’s drying time and the colors are amazing. Every lady loves their very own collection of shades.

You do not need a UV Light with these products, Vinylux dries in natural light.




Pura d’or Argan Oil, For Beautiful Skin, Face , Hair & Nails – Over 3,500 Customer Reviews100% Pure Argan Oil

A miracle oil, I use on my nails and cuticles to help hydrate and condition, I thought it would feel really oily but it just vanishes after a couple of minutes.  My partner uses this on his face and I can already see the difference in his skin.   This product is 100% pure, and we both love it.  It’s a lovely gift for someone special and includes a bonus gift when it arrives, I am not going to spoil that for you tho.   Every household should own this product!!!


What About Some ‘Miracle Dead Sea Minerals’, For Soft Smooth Skin

This is a beautiful treatment for your skin, anyone can use this, there are lots of different fragrances. Made from the Dead Sea Of Israel, the energizing salt scrub just makes your skin feel alive.

Helps to remove top layer of  dead skin leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and then smother yourself afterwards with the Butter Cream.  OMG it really is beautiful and a very special unique gift…

Jericho Kiwi Mango and Kiwi Body Butter Set (1)

This is absolutely beautiful, worth every penny!! I brought these two products in my local shopping centre for $120.00, I found it for $51.00 inc free shipping, bargain!!

These are just a few of some wonderful and unique Christmas gift ideas I want to recommend, as I build and find new products that I believe are lovely gifts for Christmas I will add to this post.  🙂







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